Laguna Verde

The Laguna Verde Package in Bolivia will Leave you Mesmerized, Here is Why

Beautiful scenery, natural features and breath taking views qualify to describe this surreal treasure that sit in the southwest of Altiplano in Bolivia, Chile. A dormant volcano, brownish in nature and salt deposits surround the Laguna Verde. This is a colour spectacle because this green coloured lagoon adds up to the scenery in Bolivia.

The Laguna Verde is not the only striking feature that will steal show while here. The volcanic mountains that reflect against the green waters make the view picture perfect. Besides that, this package cannot go without mentioning the point where it converges with the red lagoon that hosts flamingos that feed off the suns energy in the morning.

Next to it, there is the National Andean Fauna Reserve Eduardo Abaroa which you must visit while here. Most tourists complain that reaching here is a hassle. Unless you have a good guide on 4x4 car, it might look like the American dream. However, Laguna Verde is worth the struggle. The tranquillity that will meet your eyes justify every mile you will travel to get here.

Lake Titicaca

Visit Lake Titicaca - The Highest Navigable Lake in the World

Lake Titicaca found on the border of Bolivia and Peru is the highest navigable lake in world and the largest in South America. A lot of myth surrounds the lake. In 2000, a large temple was found submerged in its waters. The temple is estimated to be between 1000 and 1500 years old. There is a lot to see and do around the lake. Lake Titicaca has several islands that offer tourists a great view of the beautiful blue lake and the mountains around.

The Inca believe that God rose from the lake to create the first man and woman after commanding the sun, moon and the stars to rise. He then told them to populate the world. This great tourist destination is suitable for those who love to explore and discover new cultures. Cruising the beautiful lake, which is one of the deepest in the world, is also an activity many who visit it find thrilling.

Cristo de la Concordia

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Cristo de la Concordia

Three good reasons why be in Cristo de la Concordia?

Cristo de la Concordia is a place where one can truly appreciate the wonderful creation of the Universe. One could wonder how such a magnificent colossal could have been made by the hands of the great craftsmen in Bolivia.Cristo de la Concordia literally means in English as Christ of Peace a picture that resembles the Christ the redeemer. It’s the statue of the most famous and influential man in history, Jesus Christ. This statue that stands 34.20 meters tall at the top of San Pedro Hill, east part of Cochabamba, Bolivia is one of the biggest statues ever made in the world. Countless tourist across the globe visit this place for religious, research, curiosity or vacation reasons. There are so many good reasons why one ought to put in his bucket list visiting in Cristo de la Concordia. Among these good reasons are the following.

Go to Cristo de la Concordia for soul searching. You have two optionsin getting into the top part of the mountain either you can climb up to the 2000 stair-steps or use a cable car. It’s pretty much advisable you get into the 2000 stair-steps where you can actually think a whole lot of things about your life in every step you have. The greatest goal for man is to know thy self, as what one of the greatest teachers in Greece said.

Visit Cristo de la Concordia for awareness. Several different people from different backgrounds with different burdens go up to that place to pray, reflect or have a selfie.You will be amazed how big is the world and how diverse humanity is in this once in a lifetime visit.

Enjoy Cristo de la Concordiawith those people that matters most in your life. Whether you are religious or not, this place is historical which makes great moments. The right people to be in this great momentare those you love the most.

Cristo de la Concordia sets a mark in one’s life worth remembering.